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Livability Branding Architecture

“You can’t eat quality of life,” says Boise Mayor Dave Bieter. So how does a city like Boise promote and benefit from its notable livability? Engaging SOVRN was one part of the answer. We responded with a simple, memorable brand architecture and continue to help the City build upon the visual and strategic storytelling framework that is as Lasting, Innovative and Vibrant as the City of Boise Itself.


Boise is a city on the move and popping up on nationwide Top 10 lists every month it seems. In order to capitalize on the favorable press and to engage citizens and prospective newcomers, the City of Boise Mayor’s Office put out a far-reaching RFP to secure marketing and branding expertise. The mission: create a citywide brand architecture that would help Boise tell its story in compelling and unexpected ways.


Lasting, Innovative and Vibrant are three words SOVRN chose to support the hundreds of highlights Boise has in its livability story. Using these as the foundation of a citywide branding initiative, we worked with a task force of key City leaders and communications experts to define the story and identify where, when and how to tell it. Across every deliverable – from a new website to templates for key ongoing communications – we developed and delivered a variety of brand assets and strategic messaging tools. Today Boise’s lasting environment, innovative enterprises and vibrant communities are being showcased around the city and beyond, with new initiatives joining the effort week to week and month after month. From the Boise airport to City Hall, the brand is helping our city shine its brightest.


– Brand Strategy and Positioning

– Logo and Tagline

– Strategic Messaging

– Marketing Strategy and Tactics

– Website Development

– Video Production

– Collateral and Business Support Materials